Ideally, I’d like to work quickly on your project and charge you as little as possible.

To this end, here’s how we can both achieve this goal.

Some DOs and DON’Ts


Send everything via email.
Copy a paragraph of text that needs to be changed, edit it and then email to me so I can copy and paste it.
Send small numbers of images via email.
Send large numbers of images by

Send a text/WhatsApp message. It will be read, possibly not dealt with immediately and then forgotten.
Rely on a verbal instruction, always back up your request with an email.
Deliver a memory stick. The files will need to be downloaded, files stored and memory stick returned.
Send written instructions or a print out in a letter via normal post.
Send a scanned image of anything with written annotations or corrections.


Title EVERY new email with the subject that the email refers to, this makes it quicker to search for if needed.
Outline your request at the top of the email, clearly and concisely.
Send one email per request, this can then be replied to when done.

Forward an email from someone else, without instructions, I won’t know what you want and I don’t want to read reams of email conversations to guess which part of the conversation relates to me and what you want me to do.
Add an image to a Word document and email it to me. The file will need to be opened, the image removed and stored elsewhere.
Send one email with loads of different requests, some will be dealt with, other may need clarification which makes things confusing down the line.


Bundle requests, 5 emails in one day can be processed much more quickly than 1 email each day for 5 days.
Each time I work on your site, I read your email, open your site, find the page, do the work, save the changes, test the results, email you to notify that it’s done. As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff to do before and after the actual work, which is why bundling is an efficient way of working.

Feel free to ignore all of the above if you choose, but please note, your eventual invoice will be larger if you do.
You pay for my time, If it takes me longer to process your request it will cost you more.