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Your New Website – What to Expect

Making a Living

Sadly, you won’t suddenly start making a living solely from your new website. That’s unless you are either very hardworking or very lucky (or both).

There are far too many websites out there. They are already doing what you are going to be doing. Competition is fierce.

In the past, when there were fewer websites you could go from nothing to something fairly quickly.

If you are starting an e-commerce site…

Things will be slow to start with, but you can help the situation. You need visitors to the site. You can get visitors by traditional advertising, paid online advertising, search engine optimisation, social media promotion.

The more visitors to your site, then the more potential sales. It’s a numbers game.

If your site is just a website about your company…

Then your site is just a window on your business and the total number of visitors is less important.
You need to get the right type of visitor to your site. One good visitor can turn into a new client which may make you lots of money. Don’t focus on getting lots of hits, quality hits are what you need.

How to improve things, generally.

Use the blog and post, add news, useful information, special offers etc. this may increase your traffic and may give people a good reason to visit your site.
Use WordPress Jetpack to automatically share your blog post on facebook, twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn. This takes no extra time and can significantly increase your traffic.
Write unique content on your pages and blog, Search engines thrive on unique information.
Correctly format your pages with the correct search engine optimisation information and rich snippets.
Tell the search engines what your pages are about.
Correctly name your images, and give them informative alt tags.
Add internal links so the search engine learns what your site is about.
Add external links so that search engines can see you are offering solutions to questions.

Appearing in search engine results

Q. Why should your new website appear above already established websites, who do the same thing as you and have been around for ages?
A. It shouldn’t.

You can’t force your way to the top of a search page and I won’t help you do this. You can get to the top of a search page if your content is relevant to that specific search (If it isn’t then Google has failed and I’m pretty sure they won’t).
If your new site was suddenly listing at the top of your chosen search result, then the same would happen for the next new guy and so on.

But we can improve your chances of getting to the top of specific searches, by adding the correct search engine optimisation information, and relevant pages for relevant search terms.
If you are a Website Designer based in Loughton Essex (like me) then when someone searches Website Design Loughton I’d expect to be somewhere on the 1st page (click the link and test it).

Working on the site

You don’t have to do anything to your site once it’s up and running, but you can, and you should.
I find that the clients who embrace and use their site get more business.

You can work on your site yourself, because the site I will build will allow you to change whatever you like.

You should work on your site because the search engines like change, they like to see relevant content and activity.

You can pay me to do any of these things, and I regularly do.