Everyone who contacts me asks me the same question… “how much is a website?
They really want to know the cost of what they want, but everyone wants something different and not everyone knows what they actually need.
Do you need a simple 6-page website or a rich website filled with content, features, forms, functionality and is at the top of Google?

I can build almost anything you want.
A simple basic website from supplied content with no amendments will only take a few of hours, but this is not what anyone really wants.
If you want everything and you keep changing your mind, it may take me a week to create!
Each site is different, some people need the basics some need everything that I can offer, most people need something in the middle.
How much beyond the basics is totally up to you.

I will always quote you for what you want, and advise you on what you need.
You can choose to take or ignore my advice, It’s your money after all.

So what do you need?

You need a website – the rest are options…

The Basics

Do you have a domain name?
I can register one if you don’t have one.

Do you have web hosting?
I can set this up for you using my UK based hosting.

Do you have email hosting?
I can set this up for you, and add the accounts to your laptop/tablet/phone.

The Content

Do you have a logo?
I can design one for you.

Do you have text?
I don’t write the text, because I don’t really know what you want to say, but I can advise you on what you should be saying.
I can correct your grammar and spelling if you choose, or copy and past exactly what I’m given.

Do you have images?
If you do, great, if not, I can show you sites where you can buy royalty free images or I can take pictures for you.

The System

Do you need to be able to edit the site yourself?
All the sites I build allow you to edit pages if needed.

Do you want the site to be backed up?
My UK based hosting has 30-day rolling backups. I can revert back to any previous day’s version of the site if needed.

Do you want to change your mind after you have supplied the pictures and text?
Some people supply the text and I make the site. Some people supply bits here and there, I add the text, they then re-read it, show it to friends, change their mind and re-supply it. The longer this takes, the more it will cost.

The Site

How many pages do you need?
One long page may take as much time to build as half a dozen shorter pages, but the number is a good basis for knowing how long things will take.

Do you want a full-screen image slider on your homepage?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you want a contact form on the contact page?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you want a map of your business on a page?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you want a blog?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you want your blog posts to be automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you want to display your social network feeds on your site?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you want to sell something online?
This is easy and can be done.

Do you need a booking/appointment system?
This is easy and can be done.

Are you an estate agent and need to show your properties?
This is easy and can be done.


Do you to be at the top of Google?
This is hard and cannot be achieved without major work to the site, the content, the image, the blog etc.

Do you want your pages to rank as high as is reasonable in search results?
This is easy and can be done.

The more times you answer yes to the questions above, the longer the site will take to build and the more it will cost you.

I could cover myself for all eventualities and base my quotes that, but I’m not like other website design companies.
I don’t want to quote high, hope for an easy job and reap the rewards.
I want to quote for what you need, spend the time doing your work, and bill you accordingly.

So, how much is a website?
Call me, I’ll ask you a few questions, give you a rough number of hours that I think it will take me, and you can choose to proceed or not.