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Launching Your Website

You have just finished building your new website and it’s time to press the big red button and make it live. The world will be able to see all of your hard work.

But before you do, take a quick run through this checklist…

You should have been doing all of the things on the list below, during the website build. But here they are again, just in case.

Pre-Launch Checklist

  1. Check the spelling on all of the pages.
  2. Check the links on all of the pages, do they go to the right page, do they pop up the right image, do they open your email program etc.
  3. Check the social media links and make sure they link to your account(s).
  4. Check the images, do they all look OK.
  5. Check the site on a mobile device.
  6. Check the site on a different browser, a different computer.
  7. Fill in all of the contact, enquiry & get a quote forms. See what happens. Do you receive the form submission?
  8. If you have an e-commerce site, buy something, process the order, see what happens.

A Good Idea…

Is to send a link to your test site to someone who has not seen the site before. Fresh eyes can see things that you may have missed.
Don’t ask them for their opinion of the overall design. Your site is for you and your taste, not theirs.
If you value their design opinion, it’s a good idea to ask them to be involved from the start of the build, not the day before you want to go live!
Just ask them to look for obvious mistakes, They will find some.

A Bad Idea…

A bad idea is to launch a website based upon an artificial deadline. Only launch when 100% ready.

A bad idea is to launch your website on a Friday.
Invariably you will have not fully run through the checklist above before launch.
You will make the site live, and notice a mistake.
The mistake may be a simple spelling mistake, if so, this can wait until Monday. But perhaps something more fundamental, then there may be a problem. It becomes worse when you realise that you told loads of people about your new site, people are now looking at it, which does not look good for your business. Sadly, there’s no quick way of fixing the problem because it’s now the weekend and I’m not available. The only thing we can do is temporarily turn off the site until I next have time to look at it.
Once the error is addressed, I will ask you to run through the checklist above, and email me with a confirmation that all is OK to make the site live.

Launching a new website can seem like an exciting time. Time is what you have, so take your time. It’s depressing for you and me if we don’t.