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I can help you with all of your small business design needs.

You may want some or all of these services, I’ll be happy to help with whatever you need.

If you fill in the following form, this will give me some idea of what you have in mind.

You can tick more than one box if needed.

    1. Design

    I need...

    A Logo

    If you have a logo, What format do you have it in?

    Business Cards


    Compliment Slips

    Flyers & Promotional Material

    2. Domain Name, Hosting & Email

    I need...

    A Domain Name
    Read more about domain name

    Website Hosting
    Read more about web hosting

    Email Addresses
    Read more about email addresses

    3. Website

    I need...

    A Website
    Read more about website design

    An Online Shop
    Read more about e-commerce

    Social Media Help
    Read more about social media

    Newsletter Facilities
    Read more about newsletters

    A Blog
    Read more about blogging

    4. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

    Read more about SEO


    5. Your Contact Details