Image Manipulation & Photo Retouching

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Image Manipulation & Photo Retouching

When working with our clients we sometimes have to change an existing image to fit or work better in the location that we want to display it.

This can range from removing unwanted or adding new elements, extending the image to fill the space that we have made for it.

Image manipulation can improve the look of a page, whilst retaining the initial idea that you wanted to portray, but may not have been able to with the images you have.

Image Manipulation

The apple and globe in these original images were the correct size and position for use on the client’s website. However, they were not big enough to fill the screen. We extended the missing areas using a combination of other images and cloning from existing areas, adjusting the colour and tone to match the originals.

Photographic Retouching

I can also bring an image back to life after it has been damaged.

The image can be current or historic, digital or an old fashioned print.

You can click on an image to see each stage in more detail.

This is the original scan

Repair the cracks

Remove the scratches and spots

Clone any missing parts

Square up the edges

Add information if missing from near the edges

Make a version in black & white

This wedding photograph had been worn around the edges, folded, torn and scratched.

We re-joined the separate parts, healed the wounds and cloned missing information from other unaffected areas of the image, whilst still retaining the original vintage look and feel.

The sepia image was then given a clean border and converted to black & white for the client to choose the version that they preferred.