How to Create a Simple Website Holding Page

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How to Create a Simple Website Holding Page

how to create a simple website holding page - How to Create a Simple Website Holding Page

What is a holding page?

A holding page is a single temporary website page that a website visitor can see whilst you are building your full website behind the scenes.

Why do I need a holding page?

You don’t need one, but you should have one.

Why should I have a holding page?

You should have a holding page so that:
1. website visitors can see who you are, the basics of what you do, and how to get in touch with you for the period between registering your domain name and the launch of your website.
2. Google and the other search engines have something to list you for. They will never list a blank page. This helps as the search engines know about you long before the website goes live, in essence, you are off to a running rather than a standing start.
3. You just look more professional. How many time have you searched for a company only to find a notice saying ‘this domain has been registered for a domain name company client’… this is very poor.

So, here’s how to create a simple website holding page

You will need…
1. A Logo or business name
If you have a logo, great, use this so that people can easily see that they are in the right place, if not, every business has a name so just use this as a header/title.
2. Some text about the business
Write the basics of what you do, maybe a little bit of history, just enough but not too much. The search engines will read this and understand a little bit about you.
3. Maybe some images
If the business has products or services that can be illustrated visually, these can’t hurt but are not essential.
4. Your contact details
Obviously, if people have made the effort to find you before your real website is live, the least you can offer them is a way to get in touch with you. Phone numbers, Physical address, email addresses, whatever you have.
5. Your social media account links
Whilst your website is being created, you may be interacting with clients and customers via a social media platform. Give the holding page visitor a way to know what’s happening as you may announce the website completion across your social media pages.
6. A subscription form
If you have a product or service that people are waiting desperately for, then encouraging them to submit their name and email address will allow you to contact them via a mail out. Not every holding page needs this, and remember to have a privacy policy page and let people know what you will be doing with their details.

In conclusion…

Don’t be lazy, do the work, it may help, you may get a job from your holding page and if you are lucky, it might pay for the build of your website.