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Email Troubleshooting

Email, like all things, sometimes doesn’t work as expected

Before you start, make 100% sure that you have the correct username and password.
To test the details you have, login to my webmail here
if you can’t get in, then you probably have the wrong password, so call me.
If you can get in, then we can look a little deeper into the problem.

In your email program, NEVER try to add the password unless you have made 100% sure that you have the correct username and password as above.

If your email program asks for the password, NEVER try to add the password. simply reboot the program, wait 5 mins and it should be OK.
Sometimes the information sent from your device to the server gets corrupted. A simple reboot fixes the problem almost all of the time.

If you are having email problems and think it may be a problem with the server and not local to you, you can always log in to webmail to check that everything is working. You can use webmail just like your normal email. You can find my webmail at

Full email set up details can be found here


I cannot send email, but I can receive.
If you are 100% positive that the username and password are correct, then you may have been blocked by my server for security reasons.
The server will block you if you try to login repeatedly with incorrect login information as it will believe that you are a hacker trying random combinations of username and passwords.
We can test this theory by trying to send an email using your phone with the wifi on AND off.
1. With the wifi on the phone ON, the phone will try to send through your broadband connection.
2. With the wifi on the phone OFF, the phone will try to send through your mobile phone network.
If one works and the other does not then we know where the problem lies.
I will need to unblock you from the server and must reset your password to make sure that your account has not been compromised.
3. In this case, call me.

My device asks for a password but I have not changed anything.
Don’t add any new information.
The cause of this problem is likely to be a simple connection to the internet or server problem.
1. Close the program, open the program, retry.
2. Close the program, reboot the device, retry.
3. Wait 5 mins, retry.
99% of the time one of the above will sort the problem.
4. If not, call me.
Unless you are 100% sure that the password you have is correct, then DON’T try to add it.
Test the password by logging into webmail.