What does the green padlock actually do?

What does the green padlock actually do?

There seems to be some general confusion as to what the green padlock in the browser address bar actually means (or does).

it does not mean:
the site you are visiting is reputable.
the site is genuine (it may be pretending to be a reputable site)

it does mean:
the information sent between your device and the website is encrypted, therefore secure.

So, if someone is eavesdropping on the line, they cannot see your username or password that you may use on the site as it’s encrypted.
This is especially important if you are using an open wifi network, like in a cafe.

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NINTCHDBPICT000452199709 - What does the green padlock actually do?

INTERNET users are being warned over scam sites that use a “green padlock” to lure you into a false sense of security. Brits are often advised to “look for the padlock”

Read more from the Source: Google Chrome warning over ‘green padlock’ scam that could steal ALL your info

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