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Cost and value are different things.

What are your design rates?

I charge for my time. On an hourly basis at £50 per hour.

Your job comprises of all the time I spend working on the task. This includes the actual work, phone calls, advice, reading and replying to your emails. I have a timer that I stop and start during the work, adding up every single minute to a final total amount.

Any single job no matter how seemingly small will take a minimum of 15 minutes and be charged accordingly. The smallest job needs me to read and understand your request, log in to your site, find the change, make the change, check the work and reply to your email. You can be more cost-effective by bundling a few small jobs together which may still only take me 15 minutes.

Can you quote for a job?

Yes. I can quote for any work. I usually allow a rough 25% more or less to the amount quoted. This allows for any small overrun due to changes or an underrun if things go better than expected.

Can you do a fixed quote for a job?

Sadly not. There are too many variables.

How much is a website?

I’m often asked ‘How much is a website?’ Sadly this is not a question that can be answered exactly. After all, ‘How much is a car?’, ‘How much is a house?’. There are too many variables.

But with a bit more information from you the client, then I can estimate the time it will take me to do what you ask, and therefore how much it will cost. I can then quote accordingly.

How much is website hosting?

I provide managed WordPress website hosting which costs £96 per year. This includes 2 email addresses.
If you would like to manage the hosting yourself the cost is £60 per year. This includes 2 email addresses.

For a full breakdown, click here to see my Webspace & Email Page

Hosting TypeWebspaceManaged UpdatesEmail AddressesEmail AliasesCost p/a
Holding Page1 pageyes2unlimited£60
Managed Basicyesyes2unlimited£96
Managed Standardyesyes10unlimited£150
all hosting packages can be upgraded as needed

But I only want one page, not a whole site.

Holding page hosting is also £60 per year. One page, basic info. This includes 2 email addresses.

How much is a domain name?

A domain name is £10 per year, renewed annually.
A .com domain name is £20 per year, renewed annually.
All other domain names are available.

For further information or answers to any questions, you may have, click here to contact me.