tlsfeatured 1 1024x536 - Yes, You Should Probably Have A TLS Certificate

Yes, You Should Probably Have A TLS Certificate

Last week’s article covering the decision to distrust Symantec-issued TLS certificates generated a great response from our readers. One common question we received, and one that pops up just about any time SSL/TLS comes up, is how to determine when a site does and does not need such a certificate. Spoiler: Your site should probably […]

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captcha - The World's Hardest Game: CAPTCHA

The World’s Hardest Game: CAPTCHA

Recently a few clients have received a small number of emails from their website contact forms that are not from real people. These emails are spam, and should simply be deleted. But, if you would like to add a layer of extra security/difficulty to your website forms, then I can help. Let me know if […]

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