Starting a Small Business – Part 3 – Stationery & Printed Information

I’m going to need a business card!

if you are meeting clients in person, then it’s a good idea to have a business card. It’s a convenient way to give them your details. Your name, position, company name, web address, email address, phone number etc.

The general rule used to be that if you get 250 cards printed, you should try to use them all in a single year. If not, you are wasting opportunities. there are roughly 250 working days in a year, try to use one per day.

These days, short-run digital printing allows you to get 250 cards printed, then another 250 as soon as you have run out, so there’s no need to stock up.

Long gone are the days where, because of printing costs and methods, we needed to get 2000 business cards printed for it to be cost-effective. This often left you with too many cards, loads left over. Then one day, you move office location and they all need to be reprinted.

Don’t rock the boat

Unless you are trying to be creative, then a simple business card is all you need. Convey your information clearly as your card will probably be in the bin tomorrow.

Or think differently

flymedia business card 1024x676 - Starting a Small Business - Part 3 - Stationery & Printed Information
My business card cost me £5 ish for 100 blank cards and I used a John Bull Printing Set which I had from my childhood.

The lack of information may seem worrying at first glance, but think again. My company is called flymedia. Just type that into Google. If I have done my job properly, all the info you need will be right there in front of you. If you can’t be bothered, then I’m probably not the right designer for you.

And, in the world of boring business cards, you might just remember mine. Because it’s different.

Printed Information

You may need a leaflet or flyer to promote your business. I can design these for you. I can supply the files in the right format for printing.

It’s easy to find a really cheap printer online. Simply go to their website, request a sample pack. They will send you a few examples of stuff they have printed before. You can then check the quality against the prices on their site and see if they are the right people for your job.

Files can be uploaded, payment is taken online, and the printer will ship the items to your door. It’s really easy and not that expensive.

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Photo by Brando Makes Branding on Unsplash

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