Starting a Small Business – Introduction

So, you are thinking of starting a small business?

These posts may help, who knows?

The aim of the posts are to cover the more generic needs that someone starting a small business may have.
It’s won’t cover any specialised aspects pertaining to your specific business.

I’m going to cover almost all of the things that almost all small businesses need for general day to day running, including:

  • computers, printers, office stuff
  • domain names, email, websites
  • stationery & printed information
  • banking, payments, invoicing
  • computer software and apps
  • social media and promotion

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Why am I writing this?

I provide website and design services to small businesses. I am writing this guide to ‘starting a small business’ and what you will need because people (my clients) often ask questions about other aspects of running a small business. they always ask about problems they are encountering and things they think I may know the answer to.

I can’t have the same conversation every few weeks. So as a clever man once said (citation needed – note to self) “if you have to say the same thing three times, make a web page. It will save you time.

I don’t know the right answer for every client. But I do know what I did when I started this business. As time has gone by I have learned and refined things to make life a little bit easier, to save time or money or both.

When will these posts be posted?

I’m trying to run a business here. So, time permitting, I will be writing each of these blog posts as soon as I can. Don’t hold your breath!

Click here to see Part 1 – Computers, Printers, Office Stuff

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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