‘Donald’ Was One of the Worst Passwords You Used in 2018.

Let me guess what your password is…
Is it the name of your pet? (substitute pet for Road/team/child)
With the year you were born? (in some format including the day and month number or not and if none of these, just the number ‘1’)
Yes, you say, but I’m cleverer than that, I swapped the ‘e’ for a ‘3’ and the ‘o’ for a ‘0’ – )-: .
If you want to know how to make a good password, read my guide here https://fly.media/help/how-to-create-a-good-safe-password/

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Is your password sunshine, 666666, or monkey? Bad news: if a hacker tries to guess your password, those are some of the very first ones they’ll try. SplashData, makers of the password managers SplashID, TeamsID, and Gpass, just released its annual “worst passwords” list. The company examined over 5 million leaked passwords, and named the 25 most common passwords. Combined, these passwords are used by 10 percent of computer users.

Source: ‘Donald’ Was One of the Worst Passwords You Used in 2018

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